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Marines to Afghanistan

In the following link you will find a story about the Marines intent to stop deploying to Iraq and go to Afghanistan instead. But be careful when you read this story because the person who wrote it is an idiot. Being that I am in the Army and have served in Iraq, I find it a good idea for all those who serve in the Marines and Army if they knew exactly where they where going when called to duty. Since “main stream” media says the Army is strung out between the 2 fronts in the was on terror, then why not move the Army to one front and the Marines to another? I believe this should have been done along time ago. Now some out there might think I am crazy for thinking this, but if you study your American history in high school, you would see that’s what the Marines and Army did in WWII.

The Army were deployed in Europe and Africa to fight the Nazis, while the Marines were in the Pacific hopping from island to island fighting the Japanese. If it worked 62 years ago why can’t it work today? Hopefully the left wing individuals that read any story regarding the Marines going to Afghanistan well fully get the idea, but then again maybe the tooth fairy will go to dinner with me tonight.

Here is the link I refereed to :

Also for more on the story from “main stream” media here are a couple more links:


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