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Well it has been awhile since I last posted so I figured it is time to let some ideas flow. Being as we are being slammed with election coverage already for, with little over a year to go for the actual elections. I thought i would talk about it like everyone else.

Now to give you some background on my political beliefs. I am a Republican. Every election since I turned 18 (1996), I have voted Republican. that goes for not only the presidential elections but for every local and state elections as well. As I look into the field of potential candidates for the Republicans my eyes get drawn to 3 gentlemen. Those 3 would be, in no particular order, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Fred Thompson.

Now in 2000 I was a John McCain supporter, until Bush won the nomination. Again in 2004, I was a John McCain supporter, until again Bush one. But now in late 2007 I am torn among 3 gentlemen I think would be good for the job. If I had to narrow it down to one it would be very hard for me to do that.

I voted for Fred Thompson twice while I lived in TN, I voted for John McCain twice in the primaries for TN. I have never voted for Rudy Giuliani, being as I have never lived in New York. Now with that said does that mean I favor Thompson or McCain over Giuliani? No, because I would think if I lived in New York I would have voted for him as well. So onto the juicy part, what I think of each of these 3.

Lets Start with Rudy. “America’s Mayor” did some great things while Mayor of New York City. being able to bring crime down, keep taxes low, and run a city of that size is amazing in my eyes. then to lead the city out of turmoil on 9/11, showed me that capacity of leadership he has and his ability to work under tremendous amounts of stress. Now does him being the mayor of a large city, and being the the leader he was in New York on 9/11 make him the candidate for President, I am not so sure about that.

Now onto Fred. Sen, Thompson from the state on TN was an excellent Senator, and excellent actor, and an excellent lawyer. Now I am not going to lie, I do not know much about his voting record or what he has done as a lawyer, except that he was a lawyer during the Watergate Scandal. But when I see Thompson and I hear him speak, he fits the “picture” of a president. No does that qualify him to be president, I am not sure about that.

Now onto John. Sen McCain from the state of Arizona, a U.S.Nave fighter pilot in Vietnam, a POW in Vietnam. Spent 4 years in the “Hanoi Hilton”, being tortured on a daily basis, not knowing if he will ever see his home again. A man who fought for tougher restrictions for campaign financing, a man who has gone out on a limb backing the President on the war in Iraq, more then any other candidate. now some might think I am biased to him being I am a military man myself, and i would have to agree with that. In my eyes not only should the President be able to make decisions about domestic items like health care, I feel the President should be able o make decisions based on the military because he/she served. There is nothing I hate more then arm chair generals. So do I think based on John McCain’s military background and his view on issues that effect everybody in this great nation make him qualified for president, I would have to say..Yes.

John McCain is not only the person right for the job, I think he should have been the person for the job 8 years ago. Do I think we would be in Iraq right now if McCain was president I would have to say yes, because he along with Bush saw the threat that Saddam was and both of them realized that we should have finished the job in 1991. Now not everyone will agree with me, hell my own wife thinks I am crazy (she is some what leaning towards Giuliani), but I think McCain is the only candidate qualified to run against the likes of Clinton or Obama and actually have a chance to win. Now we will get a better chance to find out soon with the primaries coming up as quickly as they are. And i am looking forward to see who the people in Iowa and New Hampshire think is the best qualified Republican for the job. Stay tuned for more fun talks about the elections, things are only getting started and should only get better as we go.


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