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Why do we fight?

After I returned from Iraq in 2004, I was asked alot of questions. Questions like: how is the weather, is it really that bad over there, did you do anything good, and the biggest and toughest question I have ever received “Why do you fight?” Well this is a loaded questions from the start. It can be answered in many ways:
1. I fight for the man next to me on my left and my right.
2. I fight to protect the freedoms of this country.
3.I fight to protect the citizens for this country.
4. I fight because I was trained to fight and ordered to fight.
5. I fight so those who do not serve do not have to.
6. I fight because of the radical Islamic terrorists want not only American soliders dead, but they want every last non-Muslim dead! That include men, women, and children!

If you have not seen or heard of the short film by Geert Wilder, then listen up! This is some ting you need to watch. You need to watch this if you are on the fence on why we fight in Iraq and why we fight in Afghan. If you believe everything that is written in the media or shown on TV then you need to watch this video and see what is really happening.

Over the last year and half, I have read portions of the Koran, along with books that go into detail about the meaning of some of the items in the Koran. But after watching Geert Wilder’s file “Fitna” I have realized what I was reading. If you are curious or just want to see I have put the film here, it can also be found at It takes a minute to load so please be patient:


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  1. I just happened upon your blog, and started reading it. I have to first thank you for serving our country, I know thank you isn’t quite enough, I’m just humbled that you did, and I honor you for that.
    I’m going to try to bring others over here to your blog , to read what you say, and hopefully say , thank you , too. Please be safe, God bless you and yours.

    I know why we fight, and reading it from you validates my own thoughts on the..why. Again , thank you.

    Comment by Anonymous | March 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. Just surfing and came across this. Whilst I appreciate that you are doing your job and fighting as part of imperialist occupying Army – your words are poorly chosen and are at best xenophobic. I am a Muslim – I converted because my wife is Indonesian. She studied at an Islamic school and has a very liberal open interpretation of Islam – as do I. Your interpretation of the Quran is akin to a radical Christian’s view of the Bible – using Jesus’ name to justify their inhumanity.

    What you are talking about is the juxtaposition of radical Islam, cultural influences and the general reaction to the encroachment of Western imperialism from the last 19th century. This is what has shaped the Mid East over the past few hundred years – that and the continued Western intervention in local politics to the point that a reaction became inevitable. The House of Saudi controls through fear – as did Saddam and the Shah of Iran. The US / UK interference and support of the Shah directly lead to the rise and ascent of radicalism in Iran. Even today Bush’s dangerous rhetoric helps solidify the rule of the radical Ayatollahs – this is not that difficult. Cause and effect in practice.

    9/11 wasn’t an isolated incident – it was blow back pure and simple – you reap what you sow and so your efforts in Iraq today are fostering a new generation of people who would want revenge. So today you fight – you may even say that your surge is working but only in as much as a referee standing between fighters keeps temporary peace – so your soldiers keep the warring factions apart, simmering waiting for their time to extract revenge. You see not all the world is transfixed by a diet of continue change – where headlines last 5 minutes and loyalties are quickly forgotten. You are in a region where debts are remembered for generations – where revenge will come – it is more a question of when the time is right.

    So again I respect the troops on the ground – you are doing your job but you are not protecting us – you are making some people richer – you are securing your country’s energy needs and geopolitical position but you are laying the ground work for even more angst.


    Comment by Anonymous | June 9, 2008 | Reply

  3. Richard,

    I am just now reading your comment to this post and I have to say that you missed the idea behind this post. this post was to show why I fight, why I am in the Army, and my take on what the Koran means. Now it is my belief that when 2 people read the same text that more then likely there will be 2 different views on what was written.

    I have nothing against Muslims, in fact I have worked closely with people that are Muslim and I call them my friends. What I have a problem with are the Muslims that read the Koran and takes its teachings and interpret them as a calling to kill people that do not believe in the Islam religion. In fact it is very hard not to read the Koran and see why they do that. These are Radical’s and I fight to rid this earth of them! There is no reason why you can’t worship your god and a Jew worship his god, and a christian worship his god, its your choice to do as you see fit, but we all of the right and the ability to live in a world were people are allowed to worship how they see fit with out being killed because it does not agree with the way a group decides to worship. This is not the 1200’s it the 21st century and we should live as one!

    Comment by sappercookie | August 29, 2008 | Reply

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