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Wtf part 2

Well my ex company finally got the balls and did what was rumored. At 3pm cst they decide to fire a bunch of people. What makes me mad about it is that my department manger did even give a hint of what was going to happen even thought he knew. And again it brings up the question why do I have to give 2 weeks notice when all you gave me was 10 minutes by accident?

Yea get this, so I am sitting at my desk doing some work, having trouble with auto cad, which if you have ever used this program you would say whats new. Well we upgraded to 2009 last week and it has been playing funny, well I was trying to get a drawing open, so I have the CAD guy come on over an help out, well in the middle of an upgrade for the viewer I was trying to use, the mouse started to go nuts and started to shut down the different windows I had open. I turn and look at the CAD guy and stated: Looks like I am being fired! and turns out I was right. Got to love the fact that a company doesn’t have the guts to tell someone that they are bring let go before access to their computer is taken away from them. Good thing I took off all of my personal stuff on Friday and this morning. Oh well, so now the search begins for a new job, so hopefully it will be a short look!!


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Well I really need to do a post about Vets on the Hill, but I am to pissed off right now. There are a couple of things that have sent me over the edge:

1.Are people really that stupid that when there here a true American hero say that his kids will grow up to know heroes like McCain and not Tiger woods that he was a. being racist, and b. he was talking about Obama?? Come on people get a fucking life!! Not everything people say deal with race, fucking read a book, get an education and grow the fuck up!

2. My piss ass company are about to lay some more people off, we all know it, but they are to chickshit to tell us it is coming. it would be nice to get prepared and get my shit together just in case. Isn’t it nice how your employer expects a 2 week notice when you quit, but they can let you go with out warning?? Am I the only one that sees the problem with this???

When I finally calm down and have some time i will get on my reports about Vets on the Hill

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Vets on the Hill- Sept 2007

This will be an update for an event that took place in Sept. of last year… Vets on the Hill. Back in Sept. I was fortunate to attend the Vets on the Hill event with Vets for Freedom. We had 42 states represented and over 250 vets that showed up on capital hill in support of the mission in Iraq, in support of the troops still on the ground, and for General Petraeus’s testimony about the surge. The event that wrapped this all up was the rally we had at Upper Senate Park.
The rally involved all of the vets attending to be on a stage with all of the Families United and other supporters in the crowd. We have guest speakers at the event like Sen. McCain and Sen. Lieberman. Of course the event could not be a pro-mission event with out the moonbats showing up and telling us that the “Iraqi People don’t want us there” or that “bush lied people died”. Well the moonbats showed up in force to tell us just how they felt and that we were wrong to fight, even thought if we didn’t fight over the course of this country they would not be able to do the exact thing they were doing at that time, go figure! Well during the event one particular moonbat decided he was going to take a different approach to his protest, he was going to yell and scream as he made his way to the front of the stage. While making his way to the stage he decided that no one was going to stand in his way, and he ran over a Blue Star mom Karen. Well from where I was standing on the stage I saw the whole event go down, and it took a lot to keep me from beating this guy’s ass. Well luckily Capital Police where on the scene in mere seconds to arrest this moron. I was able to get a picture of him being arrested:

(black shirt is David Barrows being areested after assualting
a Blue Star Mom in Sept 07 during the Vets on the Hill rally)
Well after the event my buddy from Ohio, Lee who knew Karen told her that if she needed any witnesses to sign anything him and I saw it go down and would help out. Well at the time she did not need us to help out, but a few months later in Feb I received an email from Lee asking if I remember that going down, and I was like does a bear S**T in the woods??
He gave me the contact info of the DC Prosecutor that was trying the case against this guy (David Barrows), and I was later subpoenaed to DC to be a witness against him. The government flew me out on a Thur. to appear in court on Friday morning. Well as I sat in court all day Friday, the judge decided he wanted me to come in on Monday to take the stand, so now my fly in, testify fly out has tuned into a weekend trip, good thing I packed extra clothes.
I finally got to take the stand Monday afternoon, and the defense lawyer tried his hardest to get me to trip up or to change my story, but I was rock solid! At one point he kept repeating himself, I thought at first he was either having a senior moment or just couldn’t hear me. He kept saying “you didn’t see the incident happen!”, he said this 4 times and each time I was like yes I did see it happened over and over. I think at that moment I was able to take the wind out of his sail and watch him crash and burn. I was the last witness for the DA so I stuck around and watched the defense side of the case, and I would have to say after seeing this, this guy had no shot in hell in winning. His first 2 witness were people that were at the event but did not see the incident happen, they heard it and then went to see what happened, His last 2 witness were character witness, the first gentlemen was part of George Washington’s regiment when he crossed the Potomac! The second guy said he knew Barrows since the 70’s and they he was a peaceful man, and when the DA asked me if he ever knew if Barrows had ever been arrested prior to this event he was like, yea a few times here and there, I could smell the smoke!!!
Well I was unable to see the judge’s ruling on Tue. Due to flying home, but I did get a call from the DA informing me he was found guilty of simply assault and that sentencing would be in April. While in DC this past Tue. For Vets on the Hill II I had the privilege to speak with TSO from Sniper, he is one of the co-founders of Vets for Freedom about this incident on the way to a meeting with my Congressman. He asked me what the sentence was and I said I was not sure do the fact it won’t be until April 12th before that was to happen. Well I was wrong on the date, because not 2 hours later after my last meeting of the day with Sen. Lincoln of Arkansas, I received a call from the DA’s office that Barrows was sentenced to 15 days in jail (all suspended), and 6 months of un-supervised probation, and a fines and court fees. The last part is what I was hoping for, because the government had to pay for me to fly out from Arkansas on 2 days notice, put my up in a hotel for 5 nights, and they paid me $68 a day for being there, so I wanting this moron to pay out the ass! The DA also informed me that if he got arrested during those 6 months he would be thrown in jail to finish the 6 months, so that’s nice to know since this was his 3rd arrest in 2 weeks!

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