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Wtf part 2

Well my ex company finally got the balls and did what was rumored. At 3pm cst they decide to fire a bunch of people. What makes me mad about it is that my department manger did even give a hint of what was going to happen even thought he knew. And again it brings up the question why do I have to give 2 weeks notice when all you gave me was 10 minutes by accident?

Yea get this, so I am sitting at my desk doing some work, having trouble with auto cad, which if you have ever used this program you would say whats new. Well we upgraded to 2009 last week and it has been playing funny, well I was trying to get a drawing open, so I have the CAD guy come on over an help out, well in the middle of an upgrade for the viewer I was trying to use, the mouse started to go nuts and started to shut down the different windows I had open. I turn and look at the CAD guy and stated: Looks like I am being fired! and turns out I was right. Got to love the fact that a company doesn’t have the guts to tell someone that they are bring let go before access to their computer is taken away from them. Good thing I took off all of my personal stuff on Friday and this morning. Oh well, so now the search begins for a new job, so hopefully it will be a short look!!


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  1. Personally, I have never worked with Auto Cad, but my daughter does – she is a drafter for Halliburton. Through her I have met lots of the engineers whom she works with. Like I said, oilfield related companies is the way to go these days. I know people.

    Comment by Bag Blog | April 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m a veteran of 3D Studio, which used to be an AutoCad product. I gather the interface is kind of the Playskool version.

    Anyway…bummer about your job. Good luck to you.

    At least, if you have a real hard time of it, you can blog about it.

    Just call me Pollyanna.

    Comment by S. Weasel | April 16, 2008 | Reply

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