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Reporting news or making news?? Im confused here??!!

Ok so there has been a bunch of crap being said about Bush’s speech while in Israel. The biggest nugget of crap coming from the Barrack camp! Mr. Hussein is going around saying that Bush should not be using these type of speech’s against him and that his comments in Israel were directed straight at him. Well thats odd,since Bush never said his name at any point in the speech!! What Bush said and i am paraphrasing here: There are some folks that would rather sit down with Iran and talk them out of building nuclear weapons, thinking it might work, just like an American FROM THE THIRTIES said they should have done with Hitler prior to Germany invading Poland in 1939.

So Mr Hussein goes on the offensive against these comments and is claiming that he is the “folks” Bush was speaking about. Nice to know he has now changes is name to “Folks” Barrack Hussein Change Obama!! To make matters worse the ignorant ass MSM has also helped him with this. Not one “news” agency has posed the question to Mr Hussein: Are you serious? Do you really think you were called out? Are you feeling guilty because the President said something that may be exactly the shit you are spreading?? So the following clip I cam across today is just proof on how the MSM, mainly MSNBC in this clip is providing fuel to the Hussein camp and how they, MSNBC come straight out of the gates stating that Bush himself called Hussein out in his speech. Then to make matters worse they bring in not one but 2 democrats to support there flaunting of bullshit. And for those of you that don’t know, one of them is Harold Ford, Jr. the FORMER Congressman from District 9, Memphis, TN, why do I know this, well this moron was my congressman for along time, luckily for that district and for TN he tried to run for Senator when Thompson decided not torun, and Ford lost badly! He comes from a family that is famous in Memphis for politics. Mostly the family are known as being crooks and liars, his uncle in fact is in prison for taking bribes while int he state congress.

Now please tell me what you think of the clip, its a little over 5 minutes long so bear with it. Hopefully one day the American people will open their eyes and see the bullshit that the MSM is trying to cram down our throats and ears. And hopefully they will stand up, go to their windows ans Scream” I am mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!!!” Also for your enjoyment below that video is the video of Hussein giving his pint of view of being “called out”


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