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Courtsey of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

I came across this story on Ace of Spades

It really caught my eye due to the fact it is a story that comes from a local newspaper here in Arkansas. Below is the text from the article, you can find the store here

UPDATE: was told by “Jeff” that I can’t have the whole text of the story in the blog, so you will have to click the link above or click here

IN THE EVENT you haven’t noticed it’s a presidential election year. You can tell by the ever growing flurry of conspiracy theories—not just delicious new ones like Barack Obama’s being some kind of Manchurian Candidate for Jihad, Inc., but ones that, even if they’ve grown old and wormy by now, can be pulled off the shelf and re-issued as a brand-new congressional report. Like the 170-page piece of work just out of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The precarious burden of this report is that the evil crew in the White House systematically exaggerated the threat that Saddam Hussein’s regime posed by tilting the intelligence available at the time and overlooking views that didn’t fit in with its lust for war.

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I just love the fact that the so called “anti-war” Democrats of today are the same ones up to 10 years ago were screaming that Saddam was a threat and that he had or would have WMD’s that he could use against us! Seems that the Democrats must have slept since making these claims and woke up with a better version of the story. To bad the main stream media are so far left, if they actually reported news in a fair and balanced way, then these kinds of things would be brought to light! Make me wonder, had a Gore been in office when 9/11 happened and the Pentagon came to him saying hey we know Saddam has these weapons lets go get him and we did, would the Republicans flipped their positions on the war and turned into turn-coats? Would the main stream media reported all of the “bad” things that happened? Would there even be a debate about the Iraq war on a daily basis on the floor of Congress? My only guess would be NO! I still want to know how you can be “for” the war in 2002, and then less then 2 years later be against the war? They makes no since to me, but then again I do use common sense on a daily basis


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