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Rumor mills??!!

Ok so I have been stumbling around the internet this morning (trying not to work!), and I have come across this a few times so I thought i would put my 2 cents into the ring about it. It appears that the Obama camp has decide to go on a frontal assault against rumors about him and his wife. Which isn’t that big of a deal. We all know in a campaign year rumors about each candidate come out and each one try to de-bunk them, but it appears the Obama camp has thought of a better way of doing this. They decide to start a website that will do nothing but de-bunk the rumors, you can find it here
I found the above story at Chickenhawk Express as well, and I did not give credit were credit was due.
No biggie so far, until I come across this story here.
Its an article on the Time magazine web site about the web site the Obama camp has made. Now why would this bother me you ask? Well lets think about this for a minute, so lefties please ask someone from the right to help you think. The democratic nominee has made a web site to de-bunk rumors!! Yet we don’t hear about this in the media, it takes me goofing off at work to find this crap. What if McCain had done the same thing? Do you think there would have been a media black out on this? I would think not!!!

But this also leads me to other stories out there that I have been reading. One of them comes from this aint hell

Secret Documents is what this ain’t hell is talking about. I love the fact that the left were allover McCain about weather or not he was a “natural born” American because he was born in panama, and he has to prove it with his birth certificate and by having Congress vote that yes he is a natural born citizen last April. But when Obama is asked for his birth certificate they aren’t releasing it!! Why not I ponder? Will it state that he wasn’t born in the U.S.? Also John at this ain’t hell even brings up the fact that no one knows if Obama has even signed up for Selective Service or not. Which is a federal law that every male at the age of 18 has to do if they want to have anything to do with the federal government. Maybe Obama’s de-bunking web site will find these documents and release them everybody?!?! Oh what am I thinking? I have a better chance of wining the powerball jackpot before that happens!



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