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Is he ready?

I stole the following videos from Hot Air.

The video goes on to show how Obama has traveled more in his first year in the Senate then any other first year Senator, it also shows Obama admitting he doesn’t do much in Congress and that he is a nobody:

In fact, Obama spent almost $10,000 more than any other freshman Senator in the 109th Congress. He racked up over $28,000 in bills for his junkets, which included stops in Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Kenya, and South Africa. Obama’s office pointed to his membership on the Foreign Relations Committee, claiming that Obama did substantive work on those occasions, and that bringing his family on the trips did not make them taxpayer-funded vacations.

OK so the second video is the first general election ad for Obama, normally I wouldn’t put this on here, but it goes to show that you can’t believe everything a wannabe has to say:

Now the truth:

PolitiFact: Obama’s “third claim on veterans health benefits is less clear… Obama was not a sponsor of the bill, and without more detail we can’t confirm whether he contributed to the law…” (06/23/08) “[F]or Obama to say that he ‘passed a law’ casts him as a legislative Lone Ranger, hogging credit that properly belongs to other parties as well.” (06/20/08)

Washington Post: “Obama sponsored or co-sponsored – but did not ‘pass’ – the welfare and tax measures but does not mention that these were in the Illinois legislature in 1997 and 2000. He sponsored congressional measures that helped hospitalized veterans, but in a relatively minor way: extending beyond 90 days the period in which they can receive free meals and free phone calls to family members. Obama may have turned down Wall Street jobs after graduating from Columbia University in 1983, but he spent a year working for Business International Corp. in New York before becoming a community organizer in Chicago, and he later joined a law firm there.” (06/20/08)

New York Times: “Mr. Obama refers to three bills that passed during his time in the Illinois Senate and in the United States Senate, and he did have a hand in passing all three. But he did not actually vote on the third bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, which passed overwhelmingly in January.” (06/20/08)

Chicago Tribune: “Obama ad cites bill he did not vote on… While the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee authored provisions that ultimately made it into the law, he did not vote for its passage on Jan. 22, when he was busy campaigning in advance of the South Carolina primary.” (06/20/08)

You know I don’t know if is the fact that I actually use my brain to make decisions or if there is just something about Obama that makes me cringe. I find it amazing that a Senator with only 2 years of experience, is the nominee for the democratic party! Ok I get the fact that he gives good speeches when scripted for him, I get the fact that he is young and new, and I get the fact that most college kids find him appealing, but does that qualify him for the job? But what I really love is when Obama has said on many many occasion that he would take public finances as long as the other candidate was willing to do it as well, he goes back on his word, but when you hear the left wing nut jobs talk about it, its like he never said he would do it, but that he would “think” about it. To prove this point I found an article by Joseph A Palermo slamming Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, Stewart made fun of Obama flip-flopping on the public financing decision, and this ass-hat got all mad about it and decided to take it out on Stewart. You can find the article here.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

So too was the case last night when Jon Stewart ran a bit about Barack Obama’s decision to eschew public financing. The Daily Show seized the issue as an opportunity to display “balance” and to poke fun at the Obama campaign. But not only did the bit fall flat it played right into the Republican line, which is full of half-truths and outright lies about Obama’s decision.

Let’s set the record straight. First, Obama did not “vow” to take public financing no matter what ensued in the campaign. There were all sorts of conditions and unpredictable variables that he said would affect his decision about public financing when (and if) the time came. He wisely gave himself wiggle room on the issue. That’s what politicians do. He didn’t paint himself into a corner because at the time he didn’t know if he’d be able to unseat Hillary Clinton or who his likely Republican opponent would be.

That last one was my favorite!!

Here is the video in question on the Daily Show, enjoy:

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