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Update # 3..I think

Well it has been a while since my last post, and for those that actually read this blog I am sorry. It has been a busy month for me, and I am here to explain what has been going on.

On July 13th I left for Memphis, I had to be in Memphis to get ready to go to my Annual Training for the Army Reserves. This year my unit went out to California to do some actual engineer training, this being the first time in my 11 year Army carrear. So I spent a total of 21 days out there doing Army stuff,  we ended up having 2, 24 hour periods were 16 Sapper (engineer) squads competed in 16 Sapper Stakes (lanes)..baiscly there were 16, 8 man teams that had to go thru 16 training lanes, each one dealing from common army tasks to complex engineering tasks. And to make it even more fun, the higher ups decide to make a competition out of it. The only bad thing is the unit that was putting this thing on also had 4 teams involved so can you guess who one? Hint: it was one of th units that put this all togerther, in fact all 4 teams were in the top six, they would have been 1-4, but the 1st squad from my unit finsished 3rd so thatdidn’t happen, the team I lead, 3rd Squad finished 8th, even thought on the last day my squad, 1st squad and the winner were each battling for first for 20 plus hours, and some how I finished 8th?? Seems fishy to me! Anyways, so while doing this we had some good fun, and got to see some of the infamous California fires while out there.

Well to make this trip even more fun, prior to leaving for California, the wife, my daughter and I went to San Antinio, TX and met up with my mom, sister and brother-in-law to surprise my daughter for her birthday.  We went to Sea World and Six Flags over the July 4th weekend (daughter’s bday is July 5th), so we had a good time doing that. well that was short lived, when we got home, we got a notice from the bankruptcy court in California, that the owner’s of the house we were renting had filed for banruptcy and the house was included in it, so we were under the threat of being evicted once the back got the house. So this lead to a time crunch to find a new house to rent and prepare to move once I got home from California. Luckly we found one really quick so that was taken care of before I left, the bad thing was we were moving 2 days after I got home from 3 weeks in Califonia, so that really sucked!!

Luckily my wife being the genius that she is, hired some movers to help with all the big and heavy items, so that saved my back and knees! So the move went off with out a hitch, thank goodness.

Well while in California, I received a call from the Siloam Springs, AR Poilce Department, they decided to move my hire date up to the 1st of Sept instead of the 1st of Oct. So that brightened my trip big time!! For those that might not know, I took a test anf interviewed with them back in June, then they did my background check short there after. I then recieved a letter offering me a job at a later date, so I knew I had the job, but I didn’t have a stat date untill I got the call.  So needless to say I am happy that I am leaving the crappy job that I have now, which I only have sue to being laid off from the job that I loved back in April (damn economy!!), and now I am going to a profession that I have been wanting to be part of for the last 8 years, and I am finally going to fullfill a dream!!!

So that ends the update. I am hoping to get some more posts on the elections and events going on around the world soon, so keep an eye out for them!!


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What to do?…part 2

Well it has been a couple of weeks since I posted about my shitty job and a few good things have happened. First I got my daughter for the summer so thats the biggest thing! I am so excited to have her here. Especially since at the end of last year I thought I would be in Iraq by now,which may still happen and when it does I will take it like a grain of salt, do my mission and get home.

On the job front, I recently took a test with a local police department this past Tuesday, got a call from the on the same day saying I passed and they want me to come in for an interview next Monday. So I am very excited about this. Some people have been asking me why I want to become a cop, and the best way I can explain it to them is this way. I consider being a cop as an extension of being in the Army the only difference is I won’t b serving the whole country by a community, and hopefully do some good to that community. So hopefully the interview will go well, and I get to move on in the process of getting the job.

The next big thing is,this past Sat. I reenlisted in the Army Reserves for another 6 years. Of course with this came a big bonus, but it isn’t always about the money. I have been in for over 11 years now, and the Army has been a part of my life so much that when I looked at the possibility of getting out and not having it there scared me. It’s like having your arm removed for no good reason. Now if you are my mom or sister the good reason would be not to go to Iraq, but that is something that I have come to terms with a longtime ago. I knew the moment I signed my name and took the oath 11 years ago that at some point I may or may not have to go to war. Anyone who has joined and says differently is an idiot and needs to be bitched slapped! I also knew at the age of 8 that i would be in the military until I could retire from it. So with 11 years down it made only sense to keep going towards the 20. But now I am faced with a HUGE problem, how do I tell my mom and sister with out them beating the shit out of me? Me telling my dad will be no big deal, he is very supportive of my service and telling him that I decided to continue on verses getting out, he will understand, but my mom and sister are totally different. Hell in 2003, before I went over the first time my mom was trying to run me over with the car so I couldn’t go, (not really but she suggested it a few times!). Hopefully they will understand it at some point, especially when they realize that my wife supports me 150% and that I think if my daughter was a few years older should would understand and be behind me as well.

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What to do?

Well I have been at my new job for 7 days now and have hated every second of it. Oh where to start?? Well I guess at the beginning will do:

Monday 5/5: No computer setup, no office/desk set up, the only job given to me is something I have no experience in, CAD standards are not given to me(b/c they have non!), get computer only to realize I have stepped out of the Jetsons Tech world of computers at my last job and stepped into the Flintstones Tech world, have a shitty CRT monitor, a keyboard that half the keys mess up including the space bar, sit on my ass doing nothing for 8 hours, boss checks in with my at 455 pm5 minutes before it is time to go home.

Tuesday 5/6: Repeat sitting on my ass doing nothing, boss never checks in on me, 3 people talk to me the entire day.

Wednesday 5/7: Repeat of Tuesday the only difference no one says a word to me the entire day, its like I am not even here, play on the internet and look for new job, had an interview with a better company at lunch.

Thursday 5/8: Repeat of Wed., except at 1145amboss comes to see me and see where I am at the project he gave me Monday, I show him what I have done, he decides to go a different route with that project, gives me something new to do, oh look its bitch work to do for the rest of the day and for Friday.

Friday 5/9: Same as the rest of the week, do the bitch work in the morning, take 2 hours, stop bitch work after 2 hours so I have something to do at the end of the day, after lunch take 1 1/2 to finish bitch work, sit on ass the rest of the day, no one talks to me again for a second day.

Weekend: Awesome surprised my wifes mom for mother’s day by going over to her parents house for the weekend, caught up on sleep.

Monday 5/12: Ask for work,get bitch work that I finish in 45 minutes, sit around waiting for new work,get new project to do at 4pm involves grading a water treatment site-have not graded in CAD with out the special tools that me last company had, informed my boss this his actual words: ” you will be fine, you can figure it out, get it done”, put the project aside till Tuesday play on internet. Leave work decided to take a different route home- don’t see that stop sign at the railroad crossing but the police see me, get ticket, almost home wife calls says that my previous employer canceled her and my daughters health insurance on the 14th of April (the day I was laid off) and not on the 30th like is was suppose to be so now we have big doctor bills from my wife’s doctor visit on the 20th, whats next??

Tuesday 5/13 10:48am: Called the city about ticket: $140, called former employer about insurance said its their fault will fix it, might take a week, called retention NCO about my re-enlistment paper work she tells me she will call me right back, that was 2 1/2 hours ago, still haven’t started that project not sure how to do it, boss has checked on me twice to see my progress-oops there isn’t any, ready to pull the trigger and quit,Update 1055am: Retention NCO called tying to get my bonus control number now! Update 1348: Got a call from a local police department have a test set up for the 27th, hopefully I do good and it pans out for me!

Man I hate this job, it has been one shitty month, hopefully it will get better soon!!!

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