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It’s been awhile!

To those who actually read this blog, you have most likely seen it has been awhile since my last posting. To this I am sorry! It has been a crazy 9 months or so.

Last Sept. I went to the Police Academy here in Arkansas, after that I was being trained on the streets for the new job. I have more time off now, but it seems to be filled with things to do, which include moving!

I am hoping to be able to keep everyone updated more now that I am somewhat settled now. Please come back to see more updates coming soon. There has been a ton of stuff that I have not blogged about since the “Great One” took office, and I have to tell you, my brain is hurting since I haven’t been able to get the stuff out!!

Again thank you to all who read this blog, and again I am sorry for the lack of updates, but that will change now.


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|For those of you that actually read this blog of mine, you might be wondering what is up with all of the videos. Well here lately I have been watching a lot of different videos and some are funny while some are crazy. But when I find a video that proves in my mind that Obama isn’t the right man for the job, or show that the Bush Admin didn’t lie about Iraq and WMD’s, I feel that I need to show it.

Hopefully if you watch the videos you will see what I am talking about!

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