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Vets on the Hill 2

Well it has been a few weeks since the event in DC, but I just know have a chance to write about the event. This time the event was much larger and more successful then last Sept. Luckily no one was assaulted this time! Well the best place to start would be on Sunday and move on from there:

The event got kicked off with the state captains getting together in the hotel bar for a few drinks and to sit around and tell old war stories and talk about the events going on for the weekend, and hopefully how events might play out over the course of the next year. We then took a ride on the Vets for Freedom bus to dinner at an awesome Italian place. On the bus I was lucky to meet a guy that by all means every red blood American should met: Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive

The dinner was awesome, after dinner a group of us got a lovely tour of Virginia and Maryland trying to get to a party that was being thrown by Army Aviation Society. Its was at some new club that was in Maryland, hence the tour of Maryland and Virginia, the cabbies didn’t know where this place was. After the party we went to another bar to finish the night off, so all in all it was a fun and entertaining night. The next morning was somewhat interesting, having a hang over and trying to put together over 400 packets for all of the Veterans that were coming into town for the event. Afterwards we were able to catch up on some sleep and meet the delegates from our states as they came in.

Monday night wasn’t as much fun as Sunday, well at least not for me. A group of us had a nice dinner at Ruth Chris, then afterwards went to the hotel bar to mingle with everybody. Having leaned my lesson from the event last Sept I knew that I needed to get all of my things together because it was going to be an early morning. So i turned in early just to stay up to watch the Memphis Tigers give the national championship to Kansas, so like i said it wasn’t as much fun as Sunday.

Tuesday morning started out really really early with a breakfast. At the breakfast we had former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Myers speak at our breakfast, then we had the Georgetown Mens Basketball Coach, Coach John Thompson III. We also had the low down for the events of the day given to us by Pete Hegseth and Joel Arends of VFF. After breakfast we all load the buses to take us to Union Station were we all walked together to Upper Senate Park for the rally that was being held. During this rally we had the fortunate to hear from Sen McCain, Sen Lieberman, Sen Graham, and many more Senators and Congress Persons.

After the rally the over 400 veterans from all 50 states went to the hill to meet with our Senators and Congressman and talk to them about the fight going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. we asked them all to listen to the testimony of Gen Petraeus on the hill ans to let the troops on the ground keep the fight going and to “Let them Win!”

I was fortunate to have a face to face meeting with Senator Lincoln of Arkansas and with Congressman Boozman, Arkansas 3rd District congressman. The first meeting was with Congressman Bozzman, he has been a full supported of the troops in Iraq and a supporter of the mission in Iraq. I spoke with him in Sept. This meeting I was lucky to have one of the founders of VFF to join me, Mark Seavy, better know as TSO at Sniper

After the meeting ith Boozman, I had a meeting with Sen Lincoln’s office. The meeting went on for about 10 minutes with myself and with Sen Lincoln’s veterans affair person. After about 10 minutes the Sen joined us, even thought it was for a short period of time, she manged to make it very clear to me that she does not support the mission in Iraq, nor does she support the troops like she claims she does. Her and I had a heated discussion about the events in Iraq and how in my eyes, and the eyes of the commanding General of Iraq the surge was and is working in Iraq and how the government of Iraq have also made political gains even thought the Democrats say they haven’t. Sen Lincoln’s main stance was that the political gains weren’t being made, which I had to inform her that not only they were being made but I had to give the examples of what was being done. O course she wanted nothing to do with that, even after I told her that the Iraqi government was able to do something that not even her or the other 99 senators and 435 Congresspersons were not able to do, that make a balanced budget. Well after that I could tell she was getting heated, and I was as well, so to be the better person I told her that we will have to agree to disagree. After that meeting I had a long trip to the airport and home, and during that trip I was thinking about something the Sen said to me that stuck out like a sore thumb: ” I fully support our troops, i will make sure they have what they need, but the surge is not working and we need to leave now”. Now let me get into this statement in greater detail.

How can a person in the same breath say they support the troops but then say the same troops they “support” aren’t getting the job done? Is it me or does that sound idiotic? To support the troops means to give them everything thy need to fight, everything they need to survive while fighting, and to give them 100% support here at home. Support isn’t saying you support them and then turn around and play arm chair general from the comfort of your air conditioned office in DC and try to put a time table on when the troops should come home. All that does is play into the hands of the enemy and gives them hope that we will turn and run with our tails between our legs. It gives the enemy the support they need to continue to fight because the people that we elect to make the laws and to keep Americans safe are in fact acting in a way that can be compared to Treason against this country. It is up to every American over the age of 18 to look at the issue at hand and make the correct decision on who they vote for.

I will get off of my soap box now and thank the other person from Arkansas that attended the event with me, Mr. Wayne Bowen. I would like to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule and go to DC. Hopefully at the next event the Arkansas Chapter will have a bigger and better showing.


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Well I really need to do a post about Vets on the Hill, but I am to pissed off right now. There are a couple of things that have sent me over the edge:

1.Are people really that stupid that when there here a true American hero say that his kids will grow up to know heroes like McCain and not Tiger woods that he was a. being racist, and b. he was talking about Obama?? Come on people get a fucking life!! Not everything people say deal with race, fucking read a book, get an education and grow the fuck up!

2. My piss ass company are about to lay some more people off, we all know it, but they are to chickshit to tell us it is coming. it would be nice to get prepared and get my shit together just in case. Isn’t it nice how your employer expects a 2 week notice when you quit, but they can let you go with out warning?? Am I the only one that sees the problem with this???

When I finally calm down and have some time i will get on my reports about Vets on the Hill

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Vets on the Hill- Sept 2007

This will be an update for an event that took place in Sept. of last year… Vets on the Hill. Back in Sept. I was fortunate to attend the Vets on the Hill event with Vets for Freedom. We had 42 states represented and over 250 vets that showed up on capital hill in support of the mission in Iraq, in support of the troops still on the ground, and for General Petraeus’s testimony about the surge. The event that wrapped this all up was the rally we had at Upper Senate Park.
The rally involved all of the vets attending to be on a stage with all of the Families United and other supporters in the crowd. We have guest speakers at the event like Sen. McCain and Sen. Lieberman. Of course the event could not be a pro-mission event with out the moonbats showing up and telling us that the “Iraqi People don’t want us there” or that “bush lied people died”. Well the moonbats showed up in force to tell us just how they felt and that we were wrong to fight, even thought if we didn’t fight over the course of this country they would not be able to do the exact thing they were doing at that time, go figure! Well during the event one particular moonbat decided he was going to take a different approach to his protest, he was going to yell and scream as he made his way to the front of the stage. While making his way to the stage he decided that no one was going to stand in his way, and he ran over a Blue Star mom Karen. Well from where I was standing on the stage I saw the whole event go down, and it took a lot to keep me from beating this guy’s ass. Well luckily Capital Police where on the scene in mere seconds to arrest this moron. I was able to get a picture of him being arrested:

(black shirt is David Barrows being areested after assualting
a Blue Star Mom in Sept 07 during the Vets on the Hill rally)
Well after the event my buddy from Ohio, Lee who knew Karen told her that if she needed any witnesses to sign anything him and I saw it go down and would help out. Well at the time she did not need us to help out, but a few months later in Feb I received an email from Lee asking if I remember that going down, and I was like does a bear S**T in the woods??
He gave me the contact info of the DC Prosecutor that was trying the case against this guy (David Barrows), and I was later subpoenaed to DC to be a witness against him. The government flew me out on a Thur. to appear in court on Friday morning. Well as I sat in court all day Friday, the judge decided he wanted me to come in on Monday to take the stand, so now my fly in, testify fly out has tuned into a weekend trip, good thing I packed extra clothes.
I finally got to take the stand Monday afternoon, and the defense lawyer tried his hardest to get me to trip up or to change my story, but I was rock solid! At one point he kept repeating himself, I thought at first he was either having a senior moment or just couldn’t hear me. He kept saying “you didn’t see the incident happen!”, he said this 4 times and each time I was like yes I did see it happened over and over. I think at that moment I was able to take the wind out of his sail and watch him crash and burn. I was the last witness for the DA so I stuck around and watched the defense side of the case, and I would have to say after seeing this, this guy had no shot in hell in winning. His first 2 witness were people that were at the event but did not see the incident happen, they heard it and then went to see what happened, His last 2 witness were character witness, the first gentlemen was part of George Washington’s regiment when he crossed the Potomac! The second guy said he knew Barrows since the 70’s and they he was a peaceful man, and when the DA asked me if he ever knew if Barrows had ever been arrested prior to this event he was like, yea a few times here and there, I could smell the smoke!!!
Well I was unable to see the judge’s ruling on Tue. Due to flying home, but I did get a call from the DA informing me he was found guilty of simply assault and that sentencing would be in April. While in DC this past Tue. For Vets on the Hill II I had the privilege to speak with TSO from Sniper, he is one of the co-founders of Vets for Freedom about this incident on the way to a meeting with my Congressman. He asked me what the sentence was and I said I was not sure do the fact it won’t be until April 12th before that was to happen. Well I was wrong on the date, because not 2 hours later after my last meeting of the day with Sen. Lincoln of Arkansas, I received a call from the DA’s office that Barrows was sentenced to 15 days in jail (all suspended), and 6 months of un-supervised probation, and a fines and court fees. The last part is what I was hoping for, because the government had to pay for me to fly out from Arkansas on 2 days notice, put my up in a hotel for 5 nights, and they paid me $68 a day for being there, so I wanting this moron to pay out the ass! The DA also informed me that if he got arrested during those 6 months he would be thrown in jail to finish the 6 months, so that’s nice to know since this was his 3rd arrest in 2 weeks!

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Vets on the Hill

Well with a week left before the Vets on the Hill event, I have started to prepare myself for what may or may not come. the biggest thing that may or may not come are the protests. The last time I was in DC for the first Vets on the Hill, our rally was protested by everybody and their grandma’s. It was during our rally that a Blue Star Mom was assaulted, and would lead to my trip to DC in Feb. to testify against the guy (he was found guilty!!)

Hopefully this time around that will not happen. But with the moonbats out and about, and it being just a few weeks after the 5 year anniversary, I would not be surprised if there are out in force!

With a week left to go, it has me wondering and pondering what the future holds. With the election not so far in the future, it has me wondering what will happen to this great country?

i had dinner this weekend with my wife’s boss, her soon to be husband, and a couple that my wife and her boss knew. While we were eating the topic of my being in the Army and me having the possibility to go back to Iraq came up. I tried not to get to political, because a. my wife threatened me if I did, and B. I did not know what the 3rd couple believed in. One of the questions that came up was about the “intense mortar attacks in the Green Zone”. They wanted to know if I knew anything about this. That questions opened a door that I was able to bring the entire Army thru. i was able to inform them that attacks like those go on all the time. Granted the number of attacks have sub-dued, it still happens. in fact I told them that while I was in country if I had a dollar for every rocket and mortar that was shot at my base, i would not have to be working right now! now don’t get me wrong, since the surge started and the year that has passed these kinds of attacks are becoming rare, what the issue at hand is the MSM (main stream media), are only reporting the bad things when they happen. I explained to this nice couple that not everything you hear on TV or read in the newspapers is true. That if you want to know what is really going on then ask someone ho has been there, seen what is going on, and had first hand knowledge of the events. Hopefully this one conversation has cleared some of the confusion for them and will lead them to get the real news from better sources. Now what does this have to do with Vets on the Hill, well not a whole lot, but it gets me into the correct mid frame I need to be in when I sit down with my Congressmen and Senators next week and discuss these issues.

So many things have happened since Sept. I have to hope that i can remember them all, to talk about. Things from the surge, working, to the moonbats going nuts in Berkley, and even to some of the crazy events in the elections so far! Granted this will be a huge challenge, but I believe that as the State Captain for Vets for Freedom here in Arkansas, and as an Army engineer for over 11 years, I can handle this challenge and I look forward to taking it on head first. Just like the Engineer creed: Can do! Will do!!

I look forward to talking about the trip when I get back, and I look forward to meeting new folks, and visiting with friends made on the last trip!

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RE: Calling all Iraq and Afgan Vets!!

For those of you that have been hearing about the Vets on the Hill happening April 8th in Washington, DC and think it is to late to sign up…well I have good news for you, there is still time! If you are a Iraq or Afgan vet and agree that the missions in both countries need to continue until the job is complete then go to and sign up! It’s that easy. Once you sign up you will get a link to a web site, similar to Orbitz to set your flight up. Now for those vets that served during peace time or during a different war, do not feel left out, Vets for Freedom would like you there as well. But due to the overwhelming sign up by vets from all service times, Vets for Freedom is asking that any vet that has not served in Iraq or Afgan. to go out and recruit 4 vets that have. Send those 4 names and your name to

Once the names are receives the names and the vets sign up to go, you will receive a link to make your flight arrangements. Its that easy! Now if you have any questions regarding this please email me at and I will gladly help you out!

Remember on thing: the trip is paid for!! Your flight and hotel will be provided by Vets for Freedom and you will only have to miss the one day from work!!

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Calling all Iraq and Afgan Vets!!!

There is still time to sign up to attend Vets on the Hill, April 8th. Just go to and sign up!

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Hurry up and wait part 2

Well it has been 3 months since the Army informed that I would be getting deployed back to Iraq, and the only thing that has happend is the normal “Hurry up and wait”!! Not that I am complaining, but it would be nice if I was told “Yes you are going and here is the date you are going” or “No you are not going this year, but you are scheduled to go around this time”. But that is wishful thinking, and for all those current and former troops know this.

Luckly I will be in the country to see my little sister get married in 2 weeks, and then hopefully I will be around to go to Washington DC for Vets on the Hill II. (curious to waht this is look below and check out

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Vets on the Hill-April 2008

I had the privilege to attend the Vets on the Hill in September, and it is something I will never forget. To be able to go to the nation’s capitol and be with 250 vets of Iraq and Afghanistan was a beautiful sight of democracy at work! The trip not only brought our message to the law makers in a polite way, it also allowed those of us that have served to come together and make new friendships that will last a lifetime. I would encourage all vets and supporters of the brave men and women fighting to insure our freedoms are safe, to attend this event and show the lawmakers and the country that the cause is just, and we are in it to the end!

For those who would like to attend please read below:
Vets For Freedom
Sign-up for “Vets on the Hill” on April 8

On April 8, 2008 in Washington, DC, Vets for Freedom will hold America’s single largest gathering of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
Click here: to be a part of “Vets on the Hill,” the culminating event of the Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour.
If you’re a veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan, or another theater of the War on Terror, sign up today to show up on April 8 and tell Congress to support General Petraeus and our fellow troops as they continue to succeed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Unlike our anti-war opponents, we will not stage protests, chant slogans, or impede the work of government. We will meet constructively with as many members of Congress as we can to express our first-hand experiences and explain why it is important that the sacrifices of our comrades-in-arms not be in vein.

Vets for Freedom will cover all travel expenses for the trip. So mark your calendar, sign up today, and tell your fellow veterans. For more details about the event, see the “What You Can Do” section.

As many of you will recall, this isn’t the first time we’ve done this. In September of 2007, Vets for Freedom brought 250 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to Capitol Hill to support General Petraeus and urge Congress to provide the troops the resources, manpower, and time necessary to compete their important mission.

At the time, it was the largest single gathering of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to-date on Capitol Hill; and that day, members of Congress from both sides of the aisle heard the on-the-ground truth from soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen who’ve seen the battle first hand. Soon thereafter, they voted to fund the troops.

On April 8th, 2008 we’re going to do it again. And we’re going to bring even more veterans to Capitol Hill this time!

And remember, if you’re on active duty-you can still participate. Current DOD regulations allow you to participate as long as you are: 1) out of uniform; 2) not speaking on behalf of “the military”; and 3) not protesting. The same goes for National Guard and Reserve troops. Please join us.

What You Can Do!
1. Sign Up. Sign up on our web-portal, and within two weeks your travel will be arranged. Veterans will be flown in to Washington, DC late on Monday, April 7th, will participate in events and meetings on Capitol Hill on April 8th, and will be flown home on the evening of the 8th. Attendance should only require one day off of work.
Ask any of the 250 veterans who joined us on Capitol Hill in September, and they’ll tell you what a great trip it was-especially since we helped stop Congress from voting to undercut the troops. Don’t miss your chance to do the same on April 8…on an even larger scale.
But we need you to sign up early. By signing up in the next two weeks, Vets for Freedom can schedule meetings for you with your Senator and Representative. In September we had hundreds of meeting, and we’ll do so again.
There is no reason not to attend. You have 8 weeks notice, travel will be paid for, and our cause is just. Tell your buddies. Meet them in Washington, DC. And together, tell your representative where you stand.

Pete HegsethExecutive DirectorVets for Freedom
© 2007 Paid for by Vets for Freedom1200 Eton Court, NWSuite 300Washington, DC

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New Year

Well it is officially 2008 and I can not believe how 2007 flew by so fast. Sine my last post I found out I was going to be re-activated soon. So now I am doing the Army waiting game. A lot of people have been asking me if I am afraid to go, and I keep telling them no, since this will be my second time going, I know what to expect and that makes it easier. Now my family on the other hand don’t think so, but that is to be expected.

I learned last night the Vets for Freedom will be converging onto Capitol Hill once again in March for another Vets on the Hill. We will be on the hill in support of General Petraeus coming back to testify in front of Congress about the state of the “surge”. Which for most people do not realize, but the surge is working and we need to allow the troops more time to finish the job! This is not the time to pull the troops out and admit defeat when we are winning!

We did a Vets on the Hill back in September of 07 were we had over 25 states represented and over 250 members there to show our support for the President, General Petraeus, and the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I you have not heard of Vets for Freedom, please visit the website at If you believe in the mission in in Iraq and Afghanistan then this is the group for you. I am currently the State Captain for Arkansas, and we are always looking for fellow vets from Iraq and Afghanistan to join our cause and to support our brother’s and sister’s in arms! The easiest way to join is to visit the web page above fill out your information and the state captain for you state will get in contact with at some point. A lot of the states have individual state chapter sites on the main page so try to check them out as well.

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