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Sarah Palin for VP???–Yes!!!! McCain/Palin Ticket for America!!

Well if you listen to Fox and believe the hype then it looks as though Sarah Palin will be McCain’s pick for a running mate. How do I feel about this you might ask? Well I like it. It shows the McCain is smart enough to know that the American voter does want change, but not the kool-aid change that Hussein is dishing out.

Now for those who don’t know who Palin is then you can get to her Wikipedia page here. For the most part she is the current gov. of Alaska,  who ran on the platform of getting rid of the corruption that has plagued the Alaskan govt for years.

I feel this could be the pick that not only seals the deal for McCain, but I think this will bring the women that are still pissed bc Clinton was screwed over!!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the idea of Liberman on the ticket or Romney, but I feel this is the best pick for McCain, and having Palin on the ticket should lead to a win in Nov! Now a lot of folks from the left will say she lacks the experience to be President if something were to McCain, well that’s an easy fix. Obama doesn’t have the experience to be President and he is on top of the Dem ticket!!!! So that dog won’t hunt!!!

Updates will follow as the information is put out!

Update #1:

According to Hot Air Palin will be the pick, click here for the info.

Update #2:

According to Fox Palin has been confirmed as McCain’s VP as is CNN!!!

Update #3:

Well it is offical McCain-Palin!!!

Here is a video you canwatch that should inspire you:


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