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So it has been a while since I have posted, and since my last post there has been all kinds of things going on in this country that SCARES me. So much has been going on I do not even know where to start at. One would think I should start at the election and go from there, but if I did this post would be 50 pages long. What I am thinking I am going to do is sum up the last 6 months instead. Being the last 6 months are the Obama months.
Since his first day in office, Obama has done any and everything he can to cause the downfall of this country. Starting with the “stimulus” plan, let’s analyze the word stimulus so we are all on the same page on what we are talking about here. According to the meaning of stimulus is as follows:
1. Something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc..
2. An agent, action, or condition that elicits or accelerates a physiological or psychological activity or response
3. Something that incites or rouses to action

Ok with that being stated one would think a “stimulus” plan would do just what it says, it would stimulate the economy. Instead it has not done that, in fact things in the economy have gotten worse since the plan that needed to pass or the economy would collapse completely and the bill needed to pass so fast Congress didn’t have time to even read it. It’s amazing a plan which passed by all Democrat support in the House and only 3 Republicans in the Senate, so much for non-partisan!! Now it has been awhile since Obama has made his speeches about the plan, but if I remember correctly I think he made comments like: if we don’t pass this bill now, the car industry will go bankrupt, or this plan will save or create 5 million jobs. Well I know hindsight is 20/20 but didn’t GM and Chrysler go bankrupt? Oh and where are the new jobs? In fact what the hell does “create or save” even mean??
Now we are sitting here in an economy that sits at over 9% unemployment, even though Obama said it wouldn’t get over 8%, now I’m not a math genius but I think 9 is made then 8, but I could be wrong. Now let’s talk about GM and Chrysler. Where does the President get the balls and the power to one fire the CEO of a private company, and two the balls to say he doesn’t want “own” GM but somehow we as a country now own over 60% of GM. I call that a bit crazy!!

Now let’s move forward shall we. Let’s talk about ACORN for a minute. Now I would not normally give them a thought, but when you have a group that is going to get billions of tax dollars I think we need to talk about them. Here is a group that is under investigation for voter fraud during the election in 2008, a group that wants to take over the Census counting in 2010, and a group that Obama once was the lawyer for. Something here doesn’t smell right to me. You know when you smell a dead fish that has been lying out in the sun for a few days kind of smell. How does a company that has broken the law in numerous states, helped get the most liberal person ever elected President, and then has the balls to take over the Census count nest year. Out of all of the things ACORN has done the one that scares me the most is the Census.
Some of you out there might be saying, who cares about the Census. Well everyone in this country should be caring about this. The Census not only counts the people of this country, but they set the districts used by congress. What does that mean you say? Well when the number of people in a state changes enough, more districts can be added to that state to be represented in congress, and just the opposite if the number shrinks from the last count. So here we have a group that is willing to commit fraud to get Obama elected, so what’s there to say they won’t lie to get the numbers in the “red” states to change in the favor of becoming “blue?”
For those of you that do not know or can’t tell by the title of my blog, I have been in the military since the age 19, that’s 12 years of my life. I knew at the age of 8 I would be in the military in some sort of form. With that being said, I have very strong views when it comes to the security of this country. When a President comes into office and starts his term with an executive order that closes Gitmo, well I have to think he does not have the same views about national security like I do. But to make matters worse, Obama has the balls to go beyond that. To go and hang out with Chavez, to telling N. Korea not to test its missiles or nuclear program or you will be grounded, telling Iran that it can have its nuclear program for power but not weapons, but Obama doesn’t even want to use nuclear power here in this country. Hell with Iran’s election in chaos and the people there want the correct results and here the most powerful nation in the world, the one country that had promoted democracy all over the world, and our President can’t even make a statement to tell Iran to listen to its people and let democracy prosper!! Now he might have reasons for this, but I would have to say the biggest reason is he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to man up and do what is right and speak out against is buddy Mahmoud.
I am going to stop here for now, but I promise to pick up from here and continue on. It is time for the people of this country to stand up and take back what is rightfully ours. We need to unite and tell the crooks in Congress they cannot have any more of our money, they do not have an open checkbook to write what that want, nor do they have a credit card with no limit. The best and easy way to fix the problem is to change the face of Congress, and the only way to do that is to fire the asshats there no and elect new people into office which hopefully will actually do the right thing and tell the President NO you can’t have any more and the people or tired if it!!!!


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It’s been awhile!

To those who actually read this blog, you have most likely seen it has been awhile since my last posting. To this I am sorry! It has been a crazy 9 months or so.

Last Sept. I went to the Police Academy here in Arkansas, after that I was being trained on the streets for the new job. I have more time off now, but it seems to be filled with things to do, which include moving!

I am hoping to be able to keep everyone updated more now that I am somewhat settled now. Please come back to see more updates coming soon. There has been a ton of stuff that I have not blogged about since the “Great One” took office, and I have to tell you, my brain is hurting since I haven’t been able to get the stuff out!!

Again thank you to all who read this blog, and again I am sorry for the lack of updates, but that will change now.

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Sarah Palin for VP???–Yes!!!! McCain/Palin Ticket for America!!

Well if you listen to Fox and believe the hype then it looks as though Sarah Palin will be McCain’s pick for a running mate. How do I feel about this you might ask? Well I like it. It shows the McCain is smart enough to know that the American voter does want change, but not the kool-aid change that Hussein is dishing out.

Now for those who don’t know who Palin is then you can get to her Wikipedia page here. For the most part she is the current gov. of Alaska,  who ran on the platform of getting rid of the corruption that has plagued the Alaskan govt for years.

I feel this could be the pick that not only seals the deal for McCain, but I think this will bring the women that are still pissed bc Clinton was screwed over!!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the idea of Liberman on the ticket or Romney, but I feel this is the best pick for McCain, and having Palin on the ticket should lead to a win in Nov! Now a lot of folks from the left will say she lacks the experience to be President if something were to McCain, well that’s an easy fix. Obama doesn’t have the experience to be President and he is on top of the Dem ticket!!!! So that dog won’t hunt!!!

Updates will follow as the information is put out!

Update #1:

According to Hot Air Palin will be the pick, click here for the info.

Update #2:

According to Fox Palin has been confirmed as McCain’s VP as is CNN!!!

Update #3:

Well it is offical McCain-Palin!!!

Here is a video you canwatch that should inspire you:

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The DNC- fun fun in crazy land!!

OK so were do I begin? Well first would be sorry to any readers that I may have for not posting in a while. It has been a long month. So let me get to it!

Over the last week or so there has been a lot of commotion come out during the campaigns for President. Both sides have been trying to talk the other side down and state why they are better to lead the country.  For a while it seems as though Barrack Hussein Obama had some momentum  within the polls and going into his convention that he would just tear the polls up. But then all of a sudden, he picks Biden for his VP and not Clinton! Now I am not a genius, but that was the dumbest move ever!! So since he picked Biden his lead in the polls have all but disappeared, in fact one poll had McCain leading. Now we can’t blame the non-Biden bounce on this, there are plenty of other things that can be blamed, so lets go thru some of them.

1. How many houses does McCain own?- Well my honest answer to this: who gives a shit? I mean really! The man is married to a woman whose family has lived the American dream. The fact that her family has been able to make a lot of money and can afford more then one house has nothing to do with weather or not McCain should be President. The fact the Mrs. McCain’s family can afford more then one house and they can afford a lot more then I can only means one thing, they have money! But it does bring up a good point that the McCain folks have brought up: how many houses does Hussein have that he got without the help of a convicted felon?? My guess would be 0!!! How can a man who has taken help from a slum lord to buy his Mansion have the balls to come out and say that McCain has to many homes while others in this nation are losing there homes! Well I have no sympathy for someone losing their home, why you ask, well I have a home in Memphis that has sat empty for 8 months because I could not sell it nor could I get someone to rent it, yet my wife and I made the payments on time every month, while renting a home here in NW Arkansas!!! The fact is there were mortgage companies that were giving out loans to people that should not have qualified for them in the first place! Not only that you have developers building neighborhoods like hot cakes! I currently, but not for long, work in the civil engineering business, have for the last 10 years, and I can not tell you the number of subdivisions that I have worked on in the last 4 years since I got home from Iraq!! So here you have to many homes being built, to many loans given to folks that shouldn’t have them, and no one could for see a problem coming? All it would take is the economy to turn and all would be lost, and what’s the one thing in the American economy that if its price changes it affects everything??? OIL!!! So when some asshat on Wall Street decides to see if he could get the cost of a barrel to go over $100 and succeeds then well the rest is history! It’s a domino effect!! When oil prices sky rocket then the cost of everything else goes up because it costs more to make it and to ship it! Its not rocket science!!!! So the whole McCain doesn’t know how many house he has, has no footing for this election! Oh by the way how many home does Kerry own??

2. Hussein and his buddy Ayers: Ok this has been out there for a while, but yet no one has mentioned it till lately, and I am glad they have. The fact that AIP had made an ad asking why is it ok for Hussein to be friends with a known terrorist and in fact use him as an adviser for his campaign makes me smile! Here is a guy that on Sept 11th had the balls to say that his organization “didn’t do enough” when asked about his BOMBING the Capital building!!! Again I am not a genius, but why would someone that wants to be President of the United States of America, after the worse terrorist attack this country has ever had against it, during the middle of 2 wars, have the AUDACITY to have a terrorist as one of his advisers and expect people to be ok with it?? So we have this ad come out about there connection, and what does the Hussein camp do? They make there own ad, but in this ad they say that Hussein was 8 when Ayers bombed the Capital building! Did anyone ask him how old he was when that happened? Did anyone ask why did he help Ayers do the bombings? NO!! They asked how can he have the audacity to associate with a known terrorist and think the American people wouldn’t mind it!!!! No one gives a shit how old you were when he did his attacks against this country!! Can someone please give this a guy a clue on what’s going on?!?!?!? Oh and now the Hussein camp is petitioned the Department of Justice to have the ad removed from the air and have the AIP investigated because of possible election fraud! Can you say CENSORSHIP??

3. Surge in Iraq: So it is obvious that the surge has worked in Iraq, in fact it is so obvious that Hussein himself was able to go to Iraq and see for himself that it has worked! But does Hussein come out and say it has worked?? Nope! Not once! Well I guess he has his head in the sand, but do really think he is going to come out and say it? My guess would be No!

4. Clinton not the VP: Alright this is a big thing with some of the left wing nut cases, me personally, I am glad he didn’t pick her.My fear was he picked her and there would be nothing to stop them to a win in Nov. She would  had brought all of the women that are pissed off at the Democrat Party and have decided to vote for McCain in 08 that there would be no stopping them. So in his very first major decision, that can be looked upon as a Presidential decision, he f’ed it up and picked Biden. A man that not only was busted for plagiarism when he ran for President in 1988, but a guy that has thrown out a ton of racists comments, the latest about Indians owning all of the 7-11’s in Delaware. Not only that Hussein’s campaign has been all about “change” in Washington DC, yet he picks a guy that has been in the Senate since 1972, he was elected at the age of 29, so his entire adult life he has been in the Senate. So please explain to me how that is “change”!!!!

That’s all for this post right now, I will have more later!

Update: Here is a video about Hussien and Ayers:

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Update # 3..I think

Well it has been a while since my last post, and for those that actually read this blog I am sorry. It has been a busy month for me, and I am here to explain what has been going on.

On July 13th I left for Memphis, I had to be in Memphis to get ready to go to my Annual Training for the Army Reserves. This year my unit went out to California to do some actual engineer training, this being the first time in my 11 year Army carrear. So I spent a total of 21 days out there doing Army stuff,  we ended up having 2, 24 hour periods were 16 Sapper (engineer) squads competed in 16 Sapper Stakes (lanes)..baiscly there were 16, 8 man teams that had to go thru 16 training lanes, each one dealing from common army tasks to complex engineering tasks. And to make it even more fun, the higher ups decide to make a competition out of it. The only bad thing is the unit that was putting this thing on also had 4 teams involved so can you guess who one? Hint: it was one of th units that put this all togerther, in fact all 4 teams were in the top six, they would have been 1-4, but the 1st squad from my unit finsished 3rd so thatdidn’t happen, the team I lead, 3rd Squad finished 8th, even thought on the last day my squad, 1st squad and the winner were each battling for first for 20 plus hours, and some how I finished 8th?? Seems fishy to me! Anyways, so while doing this we had some good fun, and got to see some of the infamous California fires while out there.

Well to make this trip even more fun, prior to leaving for California, the wife, my daughter and I went to San Antinio, TX and met up with my mom, sister and brother-in-law to surprise my daughter for her birthday.  We went to Sea World and Six Flags over the July 4th weekend (daughter’s bday is July 5th), so we had a good time doing that. well that was short lived, when we got home, we got a notice from the bankruptcy court in California, that the owner’s of the house we were renting had filed for banruptcy and the house was included in it, so we were under the threat of being evicted once the back got the house. So this lead to a time crunch to find a new house to rent and prepare to move once I got home from California. Luckly we found one really quick so that was taken care of before I left, the bad thing was we were moving 2 days after I got home from 3 weeks in Califonia, so that really sucked!!

Luckily my wife being the genius that she is, hired some movers to help with all the big and heavy items, so that saved my back and knees! So the move went off with out a hitch, thank goodness.

Well while in California, I received a call from the Siloam Springs, AR Poilce Department, they decided to move my hire date up to the 1st of Sept instead of the 1st of Oct. So that brightened my trip big time!! For those that might not know, I took a test anf interviewed with them back in June, then they did my background check short there after. I then recieved a letter offering me a job at a later date, so I knew I had the job, but I didn’t have a stat date untill I got the call.  So needless to say I am happy that I am leaving the crappy job that I have now, which I only have sue to being laid off from the job that I loved back in April (damn economy!!), and now I am going to a profession that I have been wanting to be part of for the last 8 years, and I am finally going to fullfill a dream!!!

So that ends the update. I am hoping to get some more posts on the elections and events going on around the world soon, so keep an eye out for them!!

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Change we can believe in…..Obama changing his mind!!

OK so here lately there has been a lot a folks accusing Barrack Hussein Obama of “flip-flopping” on a wide range of issues since winning the Dem nom. Well I would have to agree with them, but the one issue that affects me the most and makes me cringe to think he might be in charge, is Iraq.

For those of you who don’t know, I have been in the Army for over 11 years. In fact I just re-enlisted for 6 more years. With that re-enlistment I have all but secured my spot to go back to Iraq, that’s right go BACK. I was in Fallujah, Iraq in 2003-2004, I was attached to the 3rd ID, 3rd ACR, and the 82nd Airborne during my time there. I have seen my fair share of IED’s while in country, being as my unit were one of the first IED Hunters in country, in fact we pretty much wrote the doctrine that is being used now at this very minute. Anyways because of my time there and the fact that at some point in the next 6 years I will most likely be back at least once if not twice. So with this prospect, the idea that Barrack Hussein Obama might be the Commander in Chief scares the living s*** out of me!!!

This is a man who 1) has no experience to fall back on to be the President besides giving some speeches and looking good on the cover of Rolling Stone (which I will never read again!), 2) he has no experience in foreign relations, when he goes to state on TV that he would met with the leaders of Iraq, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela with out any pre-conditions show his lack of grasp on foreign matters. 3) The fact that since he “won” the Dem nom everything that he stood for during the primary race against Clinton, has changed, here is one example of many: thought the weapons ban in DC was constitutional, then when the Supreme Court said it wasn’t he agreed. But the biggest flop is his stance on Iraq.

He has stated in numerous speeches that he was against the war in Iraq in 2003 when he was a Sate Senator, well who gives a s***? You were a State Senator you had no say in weather or not we went to war in Iraq. States do not declare war on countries, the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States declare war! So to say that while as a STATE Senator you were against going to war as no merit besides you just proving that you are a left wing liberal that wants to use and abuse the freedoms that thousands of American troops have died for!  Then when you finally get to the big state as a U.S. Senator you remain the anti-war liberal,which is fine everybody is allowed to have the opinion and for that thank a veteran. So he was sworn into the Senate on Jan 5 2005, and 13 months later he put his hat into the race for President. 13 Months!!! Are you kidding me?? You have 7 years as a state senator, and 13 months as a U.S. Senator and have the aducity to run for President!! The fact that now a 17 months after announcing your run for President you are trying to turn your campaign from the far left lane to the center lane, and to do this you are having to go against everything you stood for during the 16 month primaries! Now to get back on this topic, Iraq.

Barrack Hussein Obama (yes I use his middle name, does this make me a racist? NO its his name, if he doesn’t like it or if you don’t tough, I didn’t name him!), the fact that at the start of the primaries he was 100% against the war and that elected you would pull troops out as soon as you hit office. Then he came out with a bill in Senate that called for the troops to be out of Iraq by March 31, 2008 that was turned down. Then he came up with an idea to pull out 1 to 2 brigades out of Iraq in each month and have all of them out in 16 months, but he would leave enough forces there to guard the embassy and a counter-terrorist group as well. But hold the phone! Here it is July 2008, 3 1/2 months till the General election and he has all but switched his position.

Barrack Hussein Obama was everywhere in the beginning of 2007 and the end of 2006 saing the “surge” would not work, it was a bad idea to “double-down” as he state on the Meet the Press. Even in August of 2007, 2 months after the surge began (which if you are not in the military 2 months is not enough time to root out enemy forces from a country the size of Texas!), he came out saying the sure isn’t working and no matter what GEN Petraeus says in Sept, it does not matter the surge is a failure pull out now! Well let fast forward to June 2008, he is still on the surge isn’t working band wagon, but what a minute what is this I am hearing from the main stream media itself?? Oh the surge worked? The terrorists are all but destroyed? The Iraqi got has reached 16 out 18 objectives the Dem Congress put forth as part of the surge? But your President Nominee said it wouldn’t work and it isn’t working!! Oh wait a minute my bad he didn’t say that he told is that on the TV and the internet!

Good thing he never told us the surge wouldn’t work….oh what is that you say check youtube? Oh yea youtube the new way to check what a politician has really said abut an issue 17 months ago even though he cant remember, so this is what I found: its a lonf video but worth the watch

Now I am not a genius like Barrack Hussien Obama, but it appears to me he doesn’t even know where he stands on Iraq, in fact it make me think that his “change”means he will change his mind!!! Do yourself a favor look, read, watch, and listen to everything that is out there on both canadiates then make your choice, don’t just vote becasue you alwaysvoted for that party. The wrong choice in Nov might bring the “change” that this country may never be able to recover from.

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How can there be change?

OK so I have been sitting here and pondering the last few days. The more I ponder the more I get mad, the more I get mad the more I realize the problem needs to be fixed. The issues I have been pondering are numerous, but there are 2 that have really stuck out:

1. Oil/Energy Crisis

2. Term Limits

So lets talk about number 1. Oil and energy. There has been a lot of talk about oil and the energy here in this country here the last few weeks, we have been hearing from the left, from the right and each of them have had their opinions on how to fix the problem. But the thing that makes me made is the majority of the folks in Congress (guess which half!) do not see the obvious solution. DRILL!!!! I mean its not the best solution to conserve the environment, but for the situation we are in now, a shortage of oil, the cost of gas, it is the ONLY solution that makes sense and would actually work. How you ask?

Well lets start easy and work or way harder. Drilling would work faster and better for this country then relying on Congress and the folks trying to discover alternative fuels. Drilling for oil in ANWAR and off the costs of Florida and California would show results in 1 year, but if you listen to the left they say it will take at least 10 years for the oil to make a difference. Yet they say that alternative fuels, solar,and wind are the way to go to get off our dependency of foreign oil. I agree those things would, but how long will it actually take to have these things? How long will it take for me to have a gar that runs on electricity that can get me from Bentonville, AR to Memphis, TN (roughly 372 miles and 5 hours driving 70 mph), in one charge and get me there in 5 hours? How long Barrack Hussein Obama? Well I bet it will take over 1 year to get this working, in fact I would guess it would take up to 10 or more years!

Now some of you might think that drilling will hurt the environment! Well to that i would ask, when is the last time there has been an oil drilling accident in this country? I can not think of one, not one! The last oil accident that I can remember is the Exxon Valdez in Alaska back in the 80’s and that was a tanker running aground!! UPDATE: I have come across a list of oil accidents that you can find by going here.The technology that the oil companies use to drill make sure that oil spills are far and few between! Now some of you will say, ANWAR is a protected area, what about the mosquitoes that are protected there. My answers is are you serious? The size that the oil companies want to drill on is less then 1/2 of 100th o2 1%. That is 200o acres in an area that has over 1.5 MILLION acres!!!! I am not a math major but that seems to be a lot of lad with nothing on it, and a small area that the oil companies want to drill on. So this will then lead to the “well the oil companies have 68 million acres they aren’t drilling in!” Well first there is no oil there, so why would they drill there?? Second why don’t w do a swap, kind of like when you buy something from Wal-Mart but it is the wrong size you can swap it for the right size, lets swap 68 million USELESS acres, for 2,000 (that’s thousand) FULL OF OIL acres!! So this last point brings me to my 2 part of this blog, term limits!

2. Term Limits- I have blogged about this before you can find it here. In this post I go into a way that term limits can be put into place for Congress. Now the reason I bring this up is because Barrack Hussein Obama is running on the “change” and “hope” claims for the country. But this leaves the question for me, how can there be change in this country if the folks in Congress have been there for way to long? How can a career politician change things in Congress when he or she have been doing the same thing over and over for 20 or more years? This does not make sense to me, and if it make sense to you please explain it to me!

There have been members of congress, mostly the Senate (I will look into the House in another blog)  that have been there for over 40 years! 40 freaking years, are you kidding me??!?!! According to wikipedia there are over 9 Senators that have served for over 30 years and 4 for over 40 years!!! How can there be change?? In fact there are 18 Senators that have served over 20 years, but only 39 have served under 8 years in the Senate. So 39 out of 100 have served the same amount of time as the President. That’s 2.5% of the Senate have served for the same amount of time or less then the President of the United States.  Does this not bother anybody but me????

Now there have been instances that members have tried to put term limits in place but each time they have been voted down. The reasoning that is giver for no term limits in congress: “we have term limits it is called elections!” Elections in the eyes of the Congress are a way to enforce term limits! Yet when the 22nd Amendment was put into the Constitution by Congress it was OK, because we didn’t need a President to serve more then 8 years, after a Democratic President (FDR) was elected as President for 4 terms!

Here is the text of the 22nd:

Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

Section 2. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States within seven years from the date of its submission to the States by the Congress.

So basicly nio person can serve more then 10 years as President if that personfor some reason serves the alst 2 years of a precedding President,  example Lyndon Johnson served the last 14 months of Kennendy’s term after he was killed and served on term as the elected President, had he ran for re-election and won he would have served for a little over 9 years.  Now the reasoning for the 22nd? Well :

After Roosevelt’s death, the newly Republican 80th United States Congress desired to establish a firm constitutional provision barring presidents from being elected more than twice. The rationale was a concern that without limits, the presidential position could become too similar to that of a benevolent dictator lasting not just four years but a lifetime, and that the position could become too powerful and upset the separation of powers. Hence, the Twenty-second Amendment was adopted.

Back when Washington was President her could have served a third term but decided against this, in his farewell speech he claimed this was due to his age. So every other President after him stuck to the 2 terms out of respect to Washington. Now there have been some presidents that have tried to run for third terms prior to the 22nd, but none of them were successful.

So why are there not term limits on congress? Congress was suppose to be “by the people for the people”, but here in the last 50 years, it has been “for the politician by the lobbyists”!!! Instead of having the actual people of this country serving in Congress you have career politicians serving term after term after term! It is my opinion that if there were term limits alot of the problems and issues this country are facingtoday would not be there. There wouldn’t be an energy crisis, there wouldn’t have issuewith social security, issues with immigration! So please letme know what you think about this isse. Am I crazy for thinking this?

Here is a run down of the Senators that have served over 30 years:
Byrd, Robert (D) 49 years
Kennedy, Ted (D) 46years
Inouye, Daniel (D) 45 years
Stevens, Ted (R) 40 years
Biden,Joe (D) 35 years
Domenici,Pete (R) 35 years
Leahy, Patrick (D) 33 years
Lugar, Dick (R) 31 years
Hatch, Orrin (R) 31 years

Senators with over 20 years in service:

Levin, Carl (D) 29 years
Cochran Thad (R) 29 years
Baucus, Max (D) 29years
Warner, John (R) 29 years
Dodd, Chris (D) 27years
Grassley, Chuck (R) 27years
Specter,Alan (R) 27 years
Bingaman, Jeff (D) 25 years
Harkin, Tom (D) 23 years
McConnell, Mitch (R) 23 years
Kerry, John (D) 23 years
Rockefeller, Jay (D) 23 years
Shelby, Richard (D) 23 years
McCain, John (R) 21 years
Milkulski, Barbara (D) 21 years
Bond, Kit (R) 21 years
Reid, Harry (D) 21 years
Conrad, Kent (D) 21 years

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Intelligent voters?

So I was reading the Jawa Report, and came across this video. The video shows some of Hussein Obama’s supporters and there knowledge of the issues. It also showcases there knowledge on Obama’s accomplishments while in the Senate. It amazes me how stupid these folks are!

Now the most surprising part of the video happens at the 3:55 mark. In utter shock the biggest asshat in the world besides Obama, asks a question to a |Senator that gets no answer. Who is the asshat you ask: Chris Matthews, mind you this is the guy that made the comment: my legs feel all tingly for Obama. Enjoy!

Here is the original post: Jawa Report

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Good thing Congress helped the gas prices go down!!

Found this over at Hot Air, nice of the Democratic controlled Congress did all they could to insure that gas prices went down and lower our dependency on foreign oil!! Oops my bad what was I thinking? Gas prices haven’t gone down, in fact they have gone up by 30% since they took control!!! WTF!!!

I love the fact that the left wanted to “help” with the cost of gas a year ago this week, when in fact all they did was help with it increasing! But the one thing that really pisses me off and gets under my skin is the drilling for oil in this country.

According to the Dems. drilling now will not help the price of gas now, and that it will take up to 5 years to see an improvement in the cost of gas. So they want to put more effort into alternative sources of energy like solar, nuclear, and bio-fuels. But with the new technology to work it has to be developed and tested then put into the market, so that would take what, 10 years or more to get it totally right? Now I am not a math major nor did I graduate from College, but I know 5 years is less then 10 years, or am I wrong?

Now I know drilling now won’t stop me from paying $3.80 for a gallon of gas this week as I travel, but if we as a country start to drill and explore in more places I can almost bet you that the price of oil would fall. Why do you ask? Well the lovely foreign sources of oil will see that we are going to start to get our on oil and get scared, and when that happens all of the sudden they will start to produce more oil, which in turn will lead to lower gas prices! Hell just 2 weeks ago when Bush said he wanted to lift the hold on drilling off shore the Saudis got scared and started to produce more oil and the price dropped for the first time in weeks! Now I know the left doesn’t know how to use common sense about things and they feel that more govt is better and that electric cars are the answer to the energy crisis, but they need to wake up and smell the coffee!!!

Over 30 years ago a former President by the name of Jimmy Carter said that the energy policies of this country need to “change”(there is that word), and we need to be less dependent on foreign oil in this country. But as President there where oil shortages in this country which lead to long lines at the gas pump when gas was there! Now here it is 2008 and we have a Dem running for President that is much more left the Carter ever was, Barrack Hussein Obama(yes I used his middle name, does that make me a racist? The fuck if I care! Its his name get over it!), who wants to solve the energy crisis in this country just like Carter did, oops tried!

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for getting away from oil and using better sources of energy like nuclear or electric power, but how does something that is still in development and won’t be ready for at least a decade or more going to help me now?

The gas tax holiday proposed by McCain is still a good idea in my opinion, give us a few months with lower gas prices while the oil companies start to drill in ANWAR or off the shore of Cali or Florida! Give us a break while they build more refineries in the country, something that hasn’t been done in over 25 years! Let the oil companies drill, don’t tax them more like Hussein wants to do. Does he not realize who will pay those taxes? Not the oil companies, the average American will! But I guess when you are a Senator running for President riding around with Secret Service agents in govt vehicles you don’t have to worry about the price of gas, because it isn’t coming out of your pocket!

There is an idea, how about the Presidential candidates pay for their own gas in there SUV’s they ride in everywhere that go, including the gas for all of the trail vehicles in their convoys, and the plane they fly in all over the place, Then do you think Hussein will want that tax holiday at the pump? Will the ass-hats in Congress do something about the prices if they had to pay for gas as they travel?? Well maybe in a perfect world it would!

Oh and I think Pelosi and Reid need to be put on trial for treason, but that is another story that I will get to later!

Part of the text from Hot Air:

In May 2007, Nancy Pelosi announced amid great fanfare that the Democrats had made July 4, 2007 Energy Independence Day. Castigating George Bush for his inaction on energy policy, Pelosi noted that gas prices had reached record levels and that the newly-enacted Democratic majority would take charge of energy policy to take back the leadership from “Big Oil”. Pay close attention to the chart behind Pelosi at the beginning:

Here is the video from Hot Air:

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McCain Ads

UPDATE: New ad:

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